ARRL NTS Affiliate Section Net

Founded in 1968

Brief History:

ATEN has been operating daily since the beginning. There have been times when the net was very busy handling traffic. The net meets each day practicing the passing of formal written  Radiogram Traffic messages into and out of our coverage area. We have a great bunch of people that make up the Net.  We practice every day for that emergency which we hope never comes.

Many stations have contacted us with their full support as to the ATEN format and Protocol. These include ARRL, NTS Area Chairs, Transcontinental Corps (TCC) Director, and many experienced traffic handlers in the NTS System.

Because of the protocols listed below, we are always looking for individuals interested in learning to be prepared for an emergency.  Come and join Arizona’s most active traffic net.  A first class net serving the Public by serving our Families, our Communities and our Country.  Looking forward to hearing you on the net!