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Send me your Ham Radio listing and I will post it here.

Send to  and are good places to buy and sell. I have used it for many years with good results!

Ham Gear For Sale

Getting out of ham radio – lost interest the past several months. I am selling all my ham gear.

Icom-707 transceiver

SB 220 amplifier

MFJ 880 watt meter/SWR

MFJ-422E electronic keyer

Delta 4 Co-ax switch

Yaesu FT 65 2M TT handy talkie

Ameritron ARB-704 interface from Icom 707 to SB 220

AVQ -14 10-40 meter vertical

Lots of CPX-213C12 cables

Bill Logan/WB9SAT
(541) 215-5991

I have a AR6 Ringo 6-meter FM vertical antenna 4 sale.
Good condition for $100 by pick up in Red Rock 85145 Az.