Net Preamble

Calling the Arizona Traffic and Emergency Net, Calling the Arizona Traffic and Emergency Net, This is ____________ Net Control station for _________ _____ 2023.  My name is _______________, and I am located in ______________________.

This is a Section Net organized to handle traffic in times of emergency, and meets for drill on 3986 kHz at 5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time or 0030Z Every Day.

The purpose for this net is the passing of formal written Radiogram traffic into and out of our coverage area, and to wherever Third Party traffic is allowed by law.

This is a Directed Net. Unless you have an Emergency, please do not transmit unless directed by the Net Control Station.


Visitors and late members can check in after roll call.

Is there any priority traffic? Pause!

Are there any Announcements for the net? Pause!
Are there any further Announcements?
Proceed to the Training Tip

Announce a Short Training Tip, Use the Training Tips on the ATEN web site. There are about 25 of them Listed under Training Tips. It is ok to use them over and over. Ask for comments or questions after the training Tip? Please try and not forget this step!

Calling the following Liaison Stations ….      W9GRG, W7PHX, KE5PZ, WG7FRD, KF7KVV, W7MIN.  Recommend you use the Liaison call roster under “Roster” on the Web Site. List the Traffic from the Liaisons.

1. Is there any Outbound traffic?

2. Is there any Local Traffic

List all traffic!

Try and handle the Outbound Traffic first!
If we are ever called up this is the proper procedure.

Assign traffic NOW, Try and Assign stations off frequency. Tell them what frequency to go to. Jim, KE5PZ handles traffic for the 12th region only, which includes Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico. Please note that anyone with a State Wide call area on their cell can handle any local AZ Traffic. We are here to practice message handling including Relay, Origination, or Delivery of messages. June, KF7KVV will handle local AZ traffic anywhere in the state. The two main stations to handle outbound traffic is GREG, W9GRG and GARY, W7MIN. FRED WG7FRD can take outbound too if needed. Tomy KF7GC can take outbound traffic if needed. MARK, K7OI  receives digital traffic for inbound AZ, and usually sends to W9GRG OR W7MIN digitally For distribution to AZ. RON, W7PHX Handles AZ outbound traffic as a digital station. He receives the outbound traffic from the Liaisons and sends them out of AZ digitally.

Handle the traffic off Frequency, unless conditions are poor, then handle traffic on the net frequency. If conditions are poor, assign a relay station to help you. If you feel the need, please assign an Alternate NCS or a relay station to help you out.  Frequencies to use for traffic, 3992, 3998, 3995, 3977.7, 3989, 3983. Try and make sure these off net frequencies are clear before net. Please read the “Net Control Operator Duties”, on this site frequently, to maintain your NCS knowledge.

Standby for roll call, this is ____________ Net Control Station for the Arizona Traffic and Emergency Net. Call the roll of listed members on the call roster on the website.

Are there any ATEN members I missed wishing to check in?

Pause and ask for any Traffic Handlers back?
Are there any Visitors, wishing to check in?

List and welcome visitors. We would like their Name, Call, and location.

You might ask KF7GC, Tomy to make a call for visitors.

After all traffic is passed, we can close the Net. We are here to handle Traffic Only.
The time after net is open for all non-traffic chatter. Some stations stand by for this.

Is there any further business for the net before I close tonight’s session?

The Arizona Traffic and Emergency Net meets for drill on 3986 kHz at 7:00 PM MST 0200Z Every Day. All Amateur stations LICENSED to operate on this frequency are welcome to check in. This Net is a member of the ARRL National Traffic System, maintaining liaison with the 12th Region Net, the Saguaro 2 meter Net, out of Tucson, and other nets in the Pacific Area. For further information, our Web site is located at ATENAZ.NET, (I SPELL), (Use ITU Phonetics), or contact KF7GC or K7ASA This is _________ closing the net at _______ MST.  Thanks for your help tonight.  Good to hear everyone, 73, and a very good evening to all. Until tomorrow night,

_________   is clear.