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GENERAL MESSAGE (ICS FORM 213) The General Message form in use within the ICS is a three-part form.

Purpose. The General Message form is used by:

1.. Incident dispatchers to record incoming messages which cannot be orally transmitted to the intended recipients.

2.. Command Post and other incident personnel to transmit messages to the Incident Communications Center for transmission via radio or telephone to the addressee.

3.. Incident personnel to send any message or notification to incident personnel which requires hard-copy delivery. Initiation of Form.

The General Message form may be initiated by incident dispatchers and any other personnel on an incident. Distribution. Upon completion, the General Message may be:

1.. Hand carried to the addressee.

2.. Hand carried to the incident Communication Center for transmission. Instructions for Completing the General Message (ICS Form 213).

ITEM TITLE INSTRUCTIONS To Indicate Unit/Person the General Message is intended for. Be specific.

Office Indicate the location where the Unit/Person is located, e.g.,

Ground Support Unit Leader, Simpson Camp, Communications, etc. From Indicate appropriate designation and location of sender.

Subject Fill in if applicable.  List the date and time. Message Briefly complete. Think through your message before writing it down. Try to be as concise as possible.

Reply This section is intended to be used by the Unit/Person who receives the message to reply to your message.

Date, Record the date and time of reply. Signature Record signature and title of person replying.

White Copy / Pink Copy Both copies are sent by the person who initiates the message.

Yellow Copy Retained by the person who initiates the message.

Pink Copy May be returned to the person who initiates the message. 

Some suggestions: Number your message to record it, use the check to make sure text is accurate. These are used for radio transmission. And makes the work a bit easier. Many ARES/RACES units are doing this and it is working very well.