Membership And Training Manual

How to become a Member

If you would like to be part of the Net as a member, please bring an originated radiogram to the ATEN Net and pass it to another station.

Once your message is passed during  ATEN  and you check into the net four times in a calendar month, and you advise the Net Manager of your intentions to join the membership of ATEN, you will be immediately placed on the member roll call list.

You can by-pass the four check-ins by originating 2 (two) radiograms in a calendar month and passing them on ATEN. Please advise the net Manager of your intentions of joining the membership of ATEN.

You will be immediately placed on the member roll call list.

We have short training sessions on the second Friday of each month after the net. See the training page.  

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Tomy Ivan KF7GC
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Official Relay Station,
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ATEN Protocol 

Since ATEN is a formal ARRL NTS Affiliate Arizona Section Traffic Net, and is organized to handle Written Radiograms:

All members are required to originate and bring to the ATEN , one Radiogram Message, and relay it to another Amateur Station on ATEN , at least once in a calendar month, and check into the Net a minimum of four times in a calendar month, preferably once a week, and must be willing to take any legal Radiogram Traffic Messages for their area. This is the minimum effort necessary to remain on the member roll call list. 

Only Exception is a real Medical situation under a Doctors care. The Net will make ever effort to keep you on the Membership roll. You must keep the NM informed.

All NTS Radiograms are like the US Mail, the content of the message is private and sacred. As long as the message is legal it must be relayed, delivered. or serviced back to the originator on this NET.

If you have not kept up with the above Protocol requirements during a 30 day month, you can, 1. reinstate your ATEN Membership by originating one radiogram and relaying it on  ATEN ,  and check into the net four times as a visitor, then advise the Net Manager of your intention to re-join the net membership. You will be immediately added to the roll call.

2. Alternately, you may originate 2 (two) radiograms and pass them on ATEN, instead of checking in 4 (four) times as a visitor or member, and sending one radiogram to reinstate or to continue your membership. Advise the Net Manager of your intention to re-join the net membership.

NO early checks-ins on ATEN. This applies to any member or Visitor. If you have to leave early, check with the Net Control Station to see if any traffic is listed for your area. Our goal is to have stations available to take traffic for their area, and practice handling traffic, not to just check in for the numbers.  

If you must leave the net, contact the net control station and advise him or her.

Chatter, other than net information, should be kept to minimum.

Materials you need with you at your check-in:  ARRL Numbered Radiogms, HX handling instructions, a blank Radiogram

These forms can be found on and printed from this website.  Also you need access to the NTS “Methods Practices and Guidelines” found in Apendix B of the Public Service Communication Manual. Link below.

Specifically Capters 1, 2,and 4,and 7


 Training Manual:  The NTS Methods Practices and Guidelines:

The NTS Manual is found at